Build Quality

of our Brand New Catering Vans

Design & Technology

Lightweight GRP board specially customised and imported from Europe to ensure Maximum Strength & Stability, with Minimum Weight.

Durability and sustainability are one of the key aspects in our design.


All lights/indicators/mirrors fitted as per DVSA/VOSA standards and requirements to pass IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval/Type Approval)

External Production

Pivotal support beams are made from Galvanized Steel to provide maximum Support and high Wind Resistance.

Specialized extra-low chassis, fitted specifically for the purpose of our Specialist Vehicles. We work with AL-KO Tech solely to produce only the most rigid, safe and reliable base for our Specialist Vehicles.

The Steel frame allows no shifting of equipment whilst driving along, and helps prevent serious danger in the event of an accident.



In built Water Box, LPG/Gas Box and Electric Generator Box all in separate compartments. Everything is integrated.

  • Water Box leads to Sink and Water Boiler.

  • LPG/Gas Bottle powering the Griddles and Fryers.

  • Electric Generator linked to Fridge, Freezer and Electric Pack (240V sockets in each corner).

Thick Aluminium plating fitted to the floor, to ensure maximum practicality (very hard wearing and non-slip).


However, a wide range of flooring is available.


All standard equipment is hard fitted into the Catering Van, ensuring no loose pipes/cables. Tidiness is crucial.

Interior Production

Vehicle Approval & Safety

All vehicles are IVA (Individual Vehicle Approved) for the road, and are covered under new legislation which passes an MOT. This means that they are also safety tested AND approved by DVLA.

  • Peugeot 3 Year 100,000 mile warranty on the cab.

No 'cutting corners' - everything is executed to the highest level.

Vehicle Approval

Safety for the Future

We go above and beyond to ensure we fit extended front mirrors, multiple reflector lights, side lights, and reversing lights with reversing camera.

We don't think of today - we think of tomorrow. New government regulations in the future have suggested that old van conversions with outdated approval will very likely become unroadworthy and therefore need scrapping.

We create products that last.

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Sunday - Usually 10am-2pm, but please make an appointment.

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